About the Blogger

My name is Kailande Cassamajor.

Eldest of 5, daughter of Haitian heritage, a creative healer.

I roll my name off the base of my tongue and I wake up with the breeze wrapped around my ankles. I am a thousand sighs and a million smiles. I am a student, writer, poet, lover, thinker, visionary, and daughter of the Creator. I am studying Biology and Psychology at Howard University while minoring in Chemistry and Africana Studies. Beyond my undergraduate experience, I plan on conducting research psychoneuroimmunology, writing and publishing my poetry, traveling and engaging in creative projects.

I live my life within the vast well of the human voice, the written word, and the many utterances that form our feelings and visions of the present, past, and future. I believe in Sankofa and if there is one thing that I want my work to do, whether in scientific research or my creative endeavors, it is to actively, intentionally, and tremendously contribute to our African intellectual and artistic genealogy. I want my work to speak and reverberate through all barriers and allow others to look within themselves, reach in, and pull out the light that is so divinely placed in each and every one of us.

I am learning, I am living, and I will continue on the path of passion.

Every morning I wake up with the blood of those whose entire existence insisted on generational longevity because of the thought of my life being a wild and beautiful possibility. It courses through my veins and for that I will live with incendiary fire.

Thank God for resistance and love.

Enjoy the Journey.