Joy & Changes: reflections from my hiatus

The last time I published a blog post was December 31st, 2017. It is now November 2018 and it has almost been a year since I last posted. I have been writing in my journals, deepening my well of poetry, performing my work, spending the necessary time with people that I hold dear to my spirit, and making important lifestyle changes and choices. I have fully transitioned to a plant-based diet for health reasons since May, maintained a consistent workout routine since the summer, have delved into my sophomore year of college with a transformed optimism, endurance, and new experiences, and have started my long-waited-for loc journey on September 16th, 2018.

What I did not do however was share. Now, I know I am not obligated to share all of my thoughts, works, and life changes, but I do believe in the power of community, and when I made AfroetryWorks, it was to be space to share such content. I never once forgot about my creation but I did lose touch of the vibrant interaction that exists between pen, paper, and keyboard. It was never about who was watching or reading, approving or disproving, enjoying or not enjoying my content. I had to remind myself of this. We are all our own worst critic but we must allow room for constant, intentional growth. When we allow our critiques to freeze our actions, nothing blooms in that specific area.

This space was made to chart my creative, experiential, and intellectual journey, and yes while that journey has been rewarding thus far, and there are changes to my own ideologies, new refined beliefs, new books read, and new written work, that has not been reflected in this space. When I started my diet change, I affirmed that if I can control and discipline myself in this aspect of my life, I can do the same for all others. Thus came my discipline in working out. This was then translated into a refined discipline in my studies and commitment to service. My soul had decided that I must transfer the same discipline and passion here. This is a liberation space, a well of thought, and a space for unlimited growth. I have returned to the manifestation of my passions for the nuances of black creativity, voice, and life, all here and within myself.

Life continues to teach, provide a variety of lessons, and make one realize that there is always good and purposeful work to be done within and without. AfroetryWorks is a crucial piece to my good and purposeful work. For this, I am most grateful.

Welcome again to AfroetryWorks and I hope you enjoy the journey.



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