2017 Reflection & Optimism for the New Year

2017 came with such a boatload of blessings for me:

  1. Graduated High School with over 400 hours of service
  2. Started my blog AfroetryWorks.com
  3. Started my journey as an undergraduate student at Howard University
  4. Accepted as a Bison STEM Scholar became apart of a STEM family
  5. Met some incredible people at Howard University
  6. Won Gold for Poetry Written at 2017 ACT-SO National Competition in Baltimore, MD
  7. Had the opportunity to meet Ta-Nehisi Coates and engage in discussion
  8. Had the opportunity to visit the NYC African Burial Ground

And so much else!

I hope as you all enter into the New Year that you go in with comfort and optimism.

2017 came with so many great lessons and I am left so much more confident and eager than before. I have experienced growth in multiple areas of my life and I can only look forward to new experiences and more growth.

As you finalize those New Years Resolutions and gather all that you need to ensure that you enter the new year in peace, remember that you are completely and fully capable of attaining your goals. Your growth and your own commitment to your self-progression and betterment is a top priority and view it as a journey. If you have specific areas that you want to improve on in your life, write them down and state your affirmations and visions that you want to see made manifest in the new year. You could organize your goals accordingly:

  • Spiritual
  • Academic
  • Physical
  • Emotional/Social
  • Financial

and always remember ( and this is definitely a phrase I will be stating to myself constantly) :


Yes, mistakes will come and yes, no one is perfect.

But if you make a plan, and clearly lay out everything you want to be accomplished for yourself and formulate a strategy of how you may come about it, at least you have something to return to and revise if necessary.

You made it this far.



And continue the Journey.


-Kailande C.


©2017 Afroetry Works





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