Yellow is The Color of Sun Rays: Analysis on Soul II Soul’s “Keep On Moving”

When I was little I remember this song playing around local beauty shops, and corner stores in D.C when I used to go out with my mother and my aunties. Keep on Moving by Soul II Soul is soo nostalgic and the phrase “Yellow is the color of sun rays” was my favorite part of the song while singing along. Now, surprisingly it holds the theme for this semester and personal season. 

I just gotta write this.

I have been in such a fluid and positive groove this semester and I plan on maintaining and elevating as I go. Everyone has that one song that serves as a marker for a period in their lives or sparks a prominent feeling from a particular moment in time. “Keep On Moving” by Soul II Soul is that song for me. I am in a moment in my life where I am steadily learning more and more about myself in terms of my in’s and outs and developing my own source of happiness and contentment while living alone without family around. It feels so good and I can only imagine the growth that will occur after four well advantaged years.

This song is a motivator and oftentimes the first one I decide to listen to as I walk to my 8am class or study in the library. The beat is soothing and Melissa Bell’s (rest in peace) voice has a sort of pushing effect on my mood. There is an uplifting essence that we even recognize in their song “Back to Life”. It is easy-going and requires little effort to enjoy and absorb the moment as it is.

The song starts off as follows:

Keep on moving
Don’t stop like the hands of time
Click clock, find your own way to stay
The time will come one day
Why do people choose to live their lives this way?

Multiple voices are joined, singing this proclamation, a statement to find one’s own place in a moving world filled with differing dynamics and experiences while also reflecting the fast and non-stop nature that life can have. The bold lines give me a hint that she’s motioning towards a sense of stability and a reminder towards patience.

That’s what I love about the song.

For me, it has an effortless continuum and serves as a slight gentle reminder to take the time to ease up, live in the now, and keep the peace. The ending line inquires about why individuals choose to live by the sound of the ticking clock. It is restrictive, narrow, and Bells voice singing out “…this way” is much like an invitation towards her realm of serenity.

The third part after the refrain is sung by Melissa Bell alone and serves as the voice and reminder towards a calm that needs to be internally revisited:

It’s our time, time today
The right time is here to stay
Stay in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sunrays
I hide myself from no one
I know the time will surely come
When you’ll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sun rays

This song is an anthem of transition and personal meditation. Despite the literal motioning towards continuous movement, time seems to come into an easy halt and it becomes the central theme of the song: a moment to pause and center one’s thoughts and energy.

“Yellow is the color of sun rays” – this signifies that moment of existential recognition or appreciating the simple beauties that are all around.

I know the time, time today
Walking alone in my own way
Extremely cold and rainy day
Friends and I have fun along the way, yes we do

I hide myself from no one
I know the time will really come when
You’ll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sun rays

She is acknowledging her present moment, however cold and a bit dreary, she decides to give power to the positive aspects of the experience and appreciating how she feels with her friends along the way.

A great song to help one set the mood for the day.

©2019 Afroetry Works


  1. Dave Milner

    Re keep on moving by Soul to Soul , I’ve had this song in my head for years , and it does lift the mood , and is one of my fav songs , along with Unfinished sympony , and Southern Freeze, all of which are years old, they dont make them like this anymore.


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