The image above is a painting by Larry Poncho Brown titled “Every Round Goes Higher”.


Suppose there was no blood curdling cry
that arose seas away

to challenge your society

in the darkest of forms

and shatter your naive perceptions of



Suppose there were no more chains

whether literal or metaphorical

clanging like red splatter on a white dress

that hang on the feet of children

who are only conscious

of their breath

their hunger

their belly piercing pain.


Suppose that slavery really ended

all over the world.

Tell me then,

just how many smiles

how many diaphragm ripping


would set fire to the darkness of history.





But perhaps…


There had been a triumph.

A showering rain

despite the despondent drought.

That even faced with



and the spillage of

innocent blood

the mother and her

remaining children

have somehow



That in the dehumanization of the

black man

there still remain a new generation

of kings.

That even in the face of generational


that while enduring

the repercussions

of 400 years of


There is still fire

in the eyes of the children,

there is still fire



©2017 Afroetry Works

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