“The Eyes of Mama Younger”

This piece is inspired by the award winning play, written by Lorraine Hansberry, “A Raisin in the Sun”.

She watched

as every evening the edge of setting horizons

cut his hope of a better tomorrow in half,

and spilled

the teasing remainders of daylight upon tall buildings

they could never reach.


Their dreams.


As old as the dust of their city


as those white fenced neighborhoods

promising their children

a world of peace

that better tomorrow.


An unseen resilience

kept their small apartment

together even though her husbands disappointment

grew to be so rancorous it no longer phased her,

but shattered the glass of their photos.


She watched him,

as he rocked his life away on his chair

and his heart grew calloused and bitter.

Neither shaken nor distraught,

she witnessed him wither away

like a raisin in the sun

denied from the harvest.


Mama Younger has seen too much

to let her children

end up the same.



@2017 Afroetry Works



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