The Poetic. The Expression. The Journey.

I see poetry in everything I do.

I believe that there exists profound satisfaction in the simplest things that oftentimes go unnoticed: hanging out with your usual group of friends, making tea for evening studying, or sitting out with family on the porch on a summer night.

These, I believe, are all physical manifestations of the depth of poetry and its effects on our daily lives. It exists in the written form, the spoken word, and in our unique experiences whether or not we decide to take conscious note of it.

I did not come to this realization until I had taken a plunge into the community of poetry as a unique experience in and of itself. It was no longer a gathering of ideas but rather a union of life’s most raw and poetic individuals that constituted tangible units of the expressive world as we know it. Despite the individuality of writing, no matter the number of differences within our content, we still melded together as a necessary whole to this phenomenon of human expression.

I was blown away by this beauty in voice, in gathering, and in expression.

It was the summer of 2015 and I was a national competitor for the ACT-SO Competition in performance poetry. There were hundreds of teenage spoken word poets as passionate about the craft as I, and I could not help but wonder: where were all these fellow students in my life?  Students that experienced poetry beyond it’s written and academic form and felt, as I did, that somehow it is included in the very fabric of our emotional existence. It is a gift from above.

I sat and had very fulfilling conversations with a group of fellow poets, listened to neo-soul and hip-hop classics with them that I could not have done with students at my own high school. Our outlooks on music, the social conscious, and general human experience had a basis in poetry.

I began to feel that every wondrous experience, every notable memory, every special encounter adding up within this life were different stanzas with their own thematic significance. How else could I express these shots of beauty, both joyous and painful, within my life? It is not about whether or not I am able to physically write it down and brand it as “poetry”.

Instead, it is a matter of making sure that I can say that my entire life was duly complex yet simple, full of beauty and units of pain, spontaneous yet mellow and all parts able to be called poetry alone.

With this in mind, I will be sure to enjoy the journey.





©2017 Afroetry Works


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